Audio "Error" - Recommendations for Mass Amount of .mp3 Files

Hello All,

Does anyone know of a program that works seamlessly with Glide that could support a very large amount (thousands) of audio files with a .mp3 format link?

I’m currently using Google Drive with publicly accessible sharing options and beginning with “https” (I’ve tried “http” as well), but since the format is not a supporting .mp3 link, I get an “error” message in all of my audio components in my app.

I’m really not sure what to do now. Any help is much appreciated!

Can you please clarify what you mean by this?

This is from Glide’s documentation: “Your URL should end in an audio file extension (e.g. .wav, .mp3) and be publicly accessible.”

A Google Drive file does not end in a .mp3 file extension. I assume that is why I keep getting the “error” message?

Gotcha. Could you save in Dropbox instead?

I’ll look into Dropbox. I’m not sure if they allow for .mp3 file extensions.

You could store them pretty much anywhere as long as the allow direct linking. I used Amazon S3 storage initially for the app I wrote but then changed to just storing them in Glide when they came out with the ability to upload any file. Any of the podcasting hosts would work as well. Libsyn is just one of dozens , but has been recommended to me by a podcaster that has been doing it for over 10 years with 800 episodes.

Thanks for the suggestions, George.
If I’m understanding your comment correctly, then Google Drive should be working. I am direct linking, everything is public, I’ve tried https and http. Nothing is resolving the error code.

UPDATE: I just tried and same issue.

No Google drive and Dropbox do not work, they don’t give you direct .mp3 links. There links are sort of to a player that uses their own internal player as I understand it.

I’d be surprised that would not work, although I have not use it myself. Are you sure you have set the permissions correctly?

Sync does not provide a .mp3 extension. They’re awesome at a lot of things, but not so much with link sharing.

Link to mp3 in Dropbox

I guess I read this wrong and thought it meant that no dropbox links would work. It seems that based on @blairrorani link you can link to a dropbox mp3 file.

@blairrorani @George_B Dropbox does indeed work. However, I have over 4,000 audio files and copying and pasting each individual file will take months. Dropbox does not support a mass link export. At least not in their professional account.

Thanks to you both for helping me get at least this far!

Maybe store them in a GitHub repo? Then you can “know” what the link to each file will be as it’s just a file path (e.g. The work would just be in generating the paths in the sheet which is easy enough using some concatenation I assume (e.g. “https://path-to-mp3/” + [file-name] + “.mp3” where the file name is in another column that you’re referencing, something like that). Note, that isn’t the correct syntax, just abstracting what you’d be aiming to do in the sheet.

@blairrorani GitHub is a great solution. I just tired it and it works.
@WyattS Go here and follow these directions to create a github account (if you don’t already have one). Make sure not to skip the instructions to make it PUBLIC!

When you get to the point where they tell you to copy your website files into the directory that was created, copy a few of your audio files. I would suggest you create a subdirectory. I create one called resources/audios/. After you publish them you can access them via links that look like this:

The beauty of this is that pushing files to your github repository is a snap. If you are not familiar with git or github you will need to do a little learning but in my opinion this as very good promise. I have no idea if any costs if you exceed some kind of storage or bandwidth thresholds. And since it is Public anyone with knowledge of the links would have full access to download any of the audios. If that is an issue this may not be the solution.

Cloudinary works for that too, apparently :upside_down_face:

So cool…let’s you publish in a variety of formats…just change the file extension at the end.

@Robert_Petitto I do think that Cloudinary is an extraordinary tool and resource, but it does have a cost when you exceed the free tier of storage and bandwidth. As long as you are aware of that and are prepared to spend the dollars if your needs warrant the expenditure, it clearly is pretty darn amazing.

Yeah…looking to see how fast it takes me to get to the paid tier. Been using it straight for the past three days and I’m only using 2% of my quota, but I’m not storing hours worth of audio/video in the platform either.

@Robert_Petitto You can only wish any app you build has so much use that you need to worry about that.

That is as long as you have a business model that includes some kind of revenue being generated by the app.

Exactly. Then, obviously, it would be well worth the capital investment.