Audio showing error

Hi, glide community.

I have made a hymnal at this link
Its for our Malayalam church community. Nearly thousands are using it recently.

The issue i face is i have included audio for each song as a link in google drive. And suddenly as the user base increased audio shows error and won’t play. I guessed it was google drive bandwidth limit and relocated the files and link to Dropbox.

It worked well for a few days and today again it is showing error.

Can you help me in identifying the issue. If its bandwidth issue can you suggest me the best and the most cost effective option. Thank you.

Hola @CA_Sujith_John_Paul

You might want to upload your audio file to Glide.

Take a look at the docs.

Can you tell me how to upload to glide? Is it available in free version?

For example the podcast sample app in help doc stores file in a podcast server.

You could use a file picker

It is available for free app, you have a limit of 100MB storage, though.


Can we make the app play from our phone memory instead of uploading it elsewhere ? As in, store the phone’s location of the mp3 file in database