Audio Files

Some people can play the audio file I embedded in my app, some cannot. Anyone know how to rectify?

Where is the file hosted?

Hi. The file is stored on my google drive

Okay. Is the file publicly viewable?
When using files stored in Google Drive you need to ensure the sharing settings are “Anyone with the link can view”

Note that it’s generally recommended to use Glide storage in preference to GDrive.

I made it available for anyone to view. Odd thing is I had about 6 users test it. All by chance were iphone users. 3 could play the file, 3 could not. Its baffling to me.

Audio files played via GDrive in Glide Apps are notoriously unreliable. If you do a search of the forum, you’ll find several related threads.

I’d really recommend moving the files to Glide storage.

Thank you. I’m new and teaching myself so I’ll look into glide storage as an alternative.

You can use the file picker component to upload your audio files to Glide. This is a recommended practice.

At the moment, Glide has a soft cap at 10GB in total storage for Pro apps. If you go over this limit, I believe you won’t be forced to stop immediately but Glide might want to speak with you about your plan to increase the storage.



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