Audio doesn't work on my mobile app

My app’s URL: (
Hello, everyone, I am having a bit of trouble here with my app.
As you can see the audio on the app works fine on desktop and on a mobile phone ( before adding it to a home screen) the thing is whenever someone adds the app to there home screen the audio doesn’t work. first, the URL was from a website and it worked fine except on the mobile phone (but it didn’t send an error code ) so I uploaded the audio on my google drive and linked and stuff and it still works fine but when someone adds it to their home screen. I really need help ASAP people are going to be using very soon. Thank you it would mean everything to get one answer.

It works for me.
It takes a couple of seconds to load, but it works.

My just sends error but only once the app is on the home screen, when it is on the browser the audio works A-OK. Any tips or things I can do to male it work.

@YGAya You cannot use Google Drive to host audio. The way that phones play audio over the web is incompatible with their anti-abuse systems, and your device gets locked out of Google Drive. Please find some other way to host your audio files.

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Thak you I didnt know that except as I said i have tried it with a website that has this MP3 would you please explain why it isnt working and suggest things to do fo it to work the will be launched pretty soon.
Thank you ( do you want me to put back the website so that maybe you could check why it doesnt) in advance.