🎥 January 2021 Product Updates

Congrats to @Mauricio_Paz for winning last year’s App-Off! Free Ho ho! App app • Glide

Thank you to all our other contestants. There are too many to mention here, but here are some other submissions we loved! :point_down:


Good place to keep us updated! Thank you!

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Thanks for this great update !

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Great and helpful video @JackVaughan !

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Conditions update is absolutely fantastic! :heart_eyes:

Great work Glide team!

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@JackVaughan Will the face-crop AI feature be added to the profile page and the title feature update too?

Updating us with all of the new features is super helpful - thank you! @JackVaughan is this something that you plan on doing on a regular basis?

Thanks, folks!

@McJagger I am not sure - I will try and find out for you. I suspect this is trivial to add.

@drascon yes!


THANK YOU @JackVaughan !

Who was the Top 5 app winners?

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Cause… yeah…
But this same person’s image looks great with the AI face cropping in other places.
@JackVaughan @david

Awesome recap, thanks @JackVaughan

Congrats on the win @Mauricio_Paz :clap:t2:


Great update! I would request the volume on the catchy music be a tad lower :crazy_face: thx!


Yea - this is trivial to add. I will add it to our list for week after next.


Appreciate it Jack and Glide Team!

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This video update is great – and I hope you will continue to produce them on either a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Following the discussions, I sometimes loose track of what is being proposed vs. what is actually in the released system.

As always, I imagine that keeping the “reference” documentation up to date is very difficult. There is so much information in your videos, I imagine redoing past videos when small changes are made is difficult if not impossible.

Question: Are all of the current features documented in a print reference manual?

Thanks for all of your work trying to keep developers apprised of current changes.


– Harry

I believe they have all updates here.


Hey @forsdick great to hear they are valuable.

Yes, it’s a quality problem keeping up with the docs, videos & product updates.

I will be doing these more regularly now for sure, I think it’s a better/more digestible medium than just a newsletter as we can show people how things really work in context.

We don’t have anything in print no - as things change so often. docs.glideapps.com is the closes ‘source of truth’.


@JackVaughan have you ever considered adding a “Release Notes” and/or “Change Log” section to the online docs? These types of video updates are great for major new features, but as you note things do change very often. And there seem to be lots and lots of smaller changes that are made on an almost daily basis. I consider myself an active Glide developer, and I pretty much read every post on the forum, but I still find out about many minor new features and/or bug fixes by accident.

What I would love to see is something that goes out with each new (production) release that just provides a brief dot point summary of changes and fixes in that release. Worth considering? :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: