Change Log or Release Notes for Glide Updates

This might be something I’ve just missed while searching but (and I’ll explain this the way I like enhancements formated), as someone developing a more complex application, trying to add functionality and test quality as I go, I’d like a change log or release notes from the glide product team, so that I can quickly see if the feature or issue I was working through has any recent updates and quickly narrow down if a new future was introduced or an issue was resolved while I was away.

As a long-time product manager myself, I’m aware of the overhead of managing communications and expectations with customers - cleaning up internal speak for customers… etc before releasing. I also understand that change logs or release notes might seem in conflict with CI/CD but I think it might help take the burden off @david and others trying to update all topics (bug or requests) when items have been released.

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Thank you for the link. I wasn’t able to find it the way I was looking.

I’m now watching the page which is nice.

I’ll add feedback to the other thread.