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I have been away from Glide for a few months and I went to the updates page and found some interesting items - Glide • Product Updates

Clicking on the items gives no description of what they mean/do/are. Is this the expected behavior? I was expecting to get more details on the various topics like MAGIC links and CSS in Pages.

I went to the Youtube channel also to see if their was a @JackVaughan video on the topics. Is their a different place to look?



Unfortunately it’s pretty much always been that way with their updates. Just a generic description with no additional detail until they launch a support doc. Obviously some things don’t need much but others I feel could benefit from the use case.


Agree with this. And some updates are way behind the actual time they were released.

Same with updates people ask for. Or missing bits that are in Apps but not in Pages.
It would be so helpful to know if stuff is on a to-do list or not and is not going to happen and how high a priority is. I understand that you can’t give dates, but now we don’t know what happens with all the questions, wishes and bugs.


Yes a product roadmap would help a lot

Yes, in particular, I had submitted two bugs to support which were confirmed (in apps), and now that the focus is on pages, I don’t know if the fix will ever be released. I was simply told, “we don’t know when this will reach production”, but for both of them, the bug still exists months later, and leaves me with that question. For one bug (a third), I was simply told that it was now the expected behavior and to work around it (this was the delete action no longer works from an edit page).

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This bites me. It was my go-to action for deleting things in Apps. If I have any updates I’ll send it your way.

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