Tracking updates to Glide

Is there a place where Glide keeps a running list of new features and changes to the UI? I’ve often discovered minor and not so minor changes by accident when adding or tweaking something in my app and think “been waiting for that! How long as that been here?”

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Yeah. But that only teases really big things (or oddly, sometimes teases things that have been there awhile already). As an example of what I was looking for, in the components editor, I now see there is an “Action Row” component. But I don’t see that announced or explained anywhere…

Not a big deal but would be helpful to have all such things announced.

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Well, admittedly some of those things will eventually make it into the product updates page, but Glide is usually 1 to 3 months behind on keeping that updated.

You can follow the glide twitter page, which has updates sometimes.

Other than that, you can follow the forum. Sometimes when people discover new features, they’ll post about it here.

I’ve only seen recent posts about Action Row, so I’m discovering it too.


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