Issues with Roles or Perhaps Inline Lists?


I’ve been using Glide for 2.5 years now. I heavily rely on the Roles feature. Our app is used to provide transportation services. There’s a driver view, a rider view, and my own admin view. As of yesterday (with the implementation of SQL perhaps?) it has started freaking out.

When I first open the app page within the editor, I notice that it doesn’t recognize my ROLES sheet. When it is first opened, the Role drop-down on the top left has the email address instead of the usual First Name.

You’ll notice on the picture attached that the dropdown has the rider’s EMAIL, not the first name, indicating there might be something wrong with the roles. In the picture, you’ll also see that all of the inline lists are not appearing. There should also be about 4 or 5 tabs along the bottom–different tabs show depending on if you are a rider or a driver. But now none of those are showing. Only the Today tab because it has no changes to the Visibility and the Terms and Conditions tab that is supposed to show up if your Role is blank or “Unknown” (The word “unknown” appears in that spot using an array formula).

Alternately, I suspect it may just be an issue with the processing speed of the app. Because within the editing software, if I wait long enough without touching anything, it all goes back to normal. But this is not the case within the apps that are on people’s phones. Either they aren’t waiting long enough (even after waiting at least five minutes, that wasn’t enough), or perhaps the finished product isn’t reaching their phones.

In this second picture (which appeared just 2-3 minutes after the first without my touching anything), you can see that the Role has figured itself out and changed to the first name, all the inline lists have now appeared, and all 4-5 tabs are working correctly along the bottom. I personally don’t mind waiting 2-3 minutes when opening the app to start editing. The problem is that even after waiting 5 minutes, the USERS are still seeing the first picture. They are unable to register because the register tab is missing. The drivers are unable to see who they are supposed to drive because that inline list isn’t loading. Honestly, this is all super strange. Cause it feels like there’s nothing wrong. The problem suddenly appeared yesterday and after several hours of investigating, I can’t seem to find anything wrong with the way the visibility is set up or with the Role sheet of our app.

NOTE: Previously we did have a Google Form connected to our spreadsheet. I saw in another post that they suspected Google Forms were causing problems with roles. We no longer needed that Google Form, so I went ahead and disconnected it, but the problem persists.

Roles (as a secure feature) are only available on our Private Pro plan — it appears your app is Pro (not Private), just FYI.

Hey David! Thanks for the reply. I purchased the annual Pro plan BEFORE you guys created the “Private Pro plan” option. So I was told I would be able to keep all the usual features until my year was up, which would be around June or July I believe.

Yes, the Roles feature was introduced long after we introduced Private Pro, and was always Private-only, so, new features made exclusively for new plans have never been available for old Pro plans.

So is that why I’m having this issue? Seems weird that everything suddenly went crazy yesterday? We’ve been using Roles for months and it’s been flawless.

Before they were called Roles, I think it was User Visibility. I’ve been using it in the same way for quite a while. Surprised everything is suddenly different.

I am merely adding as a point of clarification, as we try to figure out what is happening here, that your app does not have Roles functionality, because it is not Private Pro, so the issue is not likely related to the Roles feature.

I believe you are using a column called Roles, and you are using visibility features in your app, but that is not the same as the Roles access control feature on the Private Pro plan.

Oops! Yes! That is correct. I have a column called roles. I didn’t realize these were different things. I can see that it’s caused confusion since I named it the same thing. Sorry about making it more confusing with the same name. I’ll wait to see if there’s any other suggestions about what might be causing the problem.

Do you use row owners for your app? How many rows do you have in your database?

umm… I have a Legacy Pro app, and I have roles…

Am I missing something, or am I just lucky? :slight_smile:

(please don’t take them away from me :pray: )

Please help! Our shuttle services are really struggling without this app! I don’t know what to do!

Hey! Just now saw your message.

I do not use row owners. I use filtering (and user visibility). Not as secure, but the information isn’t confidential so I was fine with it. Our college is small enough that it wouldn’t be a big deal if a phone number slipped out. Most students already have each others’ numbers. But I wouldn’t be able to share the app publicly on this forum.

According to the counter in the top-right of the app editor, we are using 2,243 of 25k rows. I try to regularly (1x/month) pull out and archive rows of old registrations. The riders create 500+ registrations per month.

I’ve decided to scrap the whole sheet that contains everyone’s profile information (and their “role”). I completely redid the sheet and connected the profiles with the new sheet. Seems like things are working again. Marking this as solved, even though I still have no idea what was wrong with the first page. It’s pretty much exactly the same as the current sheet that I just remade, but whatever. Maybe this post will help someone else down the road? Lol