Issues with Login - Monthly Limit?

I’ve been using the free version of Glide for a few years now in my classroom, as I’ve built an app for students to see their progress, obtain passcodes and purchase in-course powerups. But as of this new year, my students are getting an issue logging in - it says the app has reached its monthly limit or something.

I’ve gone into the Privacy settings and tried all the different options but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Under the free account you’re limited to 10 users.

10 users? Is that new? Because I’ve ran these for a few years now with no issue.

Did you move your app to a new team recently?

I did create my own team, as I think it asked me to, though I wasn’t sure what it meant. I think I was trying a few different things to get my apps working. I hope I didn’t wreck them by doing this.

I’m now seeing the 10-user limit on my dashboard, which unfortunately won’t work for me. Brutal.

I think your app was inside an old team that had a grandfather plan with more generous limits. By changing to a new team, the limits of the current free plan now apply.

If you still have the old team and can do so, you might want to move the app back. But I think you might not be able to do that.

Oh no. I’d love to switch it back then, but if I can’t then I don’t know what to do. Is there a way I could request to go back to the grandfathered plan?

Fees have changed over the years. Glide has been generous and fair, and has allowed us to continue using old grandfathered plans even after the plans weren’t available publicly anymore.

New teams with old non-existing plans cannot be created, however. Also, I’m not sure 100%, but I believe that teams on old grandfathered plans can then not accept new apps. I could be wrong, so the best is to try to transfer an app to your old team.

If you deleted your old team on the old grandfathered plan, then I’m afraid there is no way you would be able to get that back unfortunately, and going forward you’ll need to use teams with current plans.

Yuck. Then I guess I’m done with Glide. That’s really too bad, as I loved this app and my students did too. But I can’t afford to continue on at $25 per month so I guess I’m done. Very unfortunate, especially since I didn’t realize that the grandfathered plan I was on would disappear. Oh well, I suppose it is what it is.

I still encourage you to contact Glide support. You never know and you’ve already written up the issue, it wouldn’t take you long to copy-paste: Glide Support

You work in education, so you might be eligible for Glide’s non-profit plan. I don’t know the details but Kyle does.


I hope you find a satisfactory solution.

They should definitely be eligible if they’re in education. You can apply here: Glide for Non-profits and Educators

Note: the application process looks to be on hold, but hopefully it will open up again soon.

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