HELP: Need to allow more private users urgently


Just switched to the non-profit team plan, and users are locked out of an app because it says i’ve reached my private user limit. Prior to switching, we were just auto-billed for overages but I guess that doesn’t happen now? Can’t see any options for buying additional users via settings, etc. This weekend is our biggest weekend for use all year!! Happy to pay, just don’t know how!

Any help appreciated!

How many private users do you have in your Usage section? If your plan was only recently activated, it may take a bit of time to initiate the new limits, etc. Can you take a screenshot of the Usage page and show it here?

We get 100 with the non-profit, and we’re already over… I think as soon as we were rolled over to non-profit, users were locked out. We were on an older plan before where we went over the limit frequently and were just billed at the end of the month.


It seems from the onboarding email that Non-profit overages should still be billed as it was before?

Also note that overage charges specified in the regular Business plan do apply. So if you do go over the limits included in the plan, like the number of updates or users, there will be additional charges.

This is what users are seeing:

Kyle, just seeing that you are cc’d on my onboarding as a reference. Not sure if this is what was meant by getting the most out of Glide, but really appreciate your help with this!

I’d reach out to Support via your onboarding email that you received as a non-profit. I’ve never had to try purchasing additional private users on a non-profit plan, but if it says it’s possible, then I’d reach out to them to see what can be done.

Ok, thank you! Do you know if the support team works on Sundays?

I’m not 100% sure but I’ll reach out on my end as well for you.

thank you SO SO much.

Note: if there’s urgency to this situation, you may be better off purchasing a new plan on another team and transferring the app to that team with the higher limits. Once you secure more private users for your non-profit plan, you could transfer back to the non-profit team and cancel the other one. Just an idea!

Oooh! Ok…do you know that the business plan typically does automatic billing for overages? Because it’s still only 100 users. Just not sure if the overage problem is for any of the plans on the current structure or only the non-profit.

Not 100% sure on that!

update: business plan also does not auto-bill for overages :frowning:

I believe the Pay As You Go option only affects updates, there doesn’t look to be that option for users. It seems like you’re going to have to wait for Support to get back to you.