Usage Question

Hi there,
I’m hoping that someone can help me my clarifying a usage question. I work for a school so we have the non-profit plan. I created an app to be used by our student body of ~700. We instructed students to sign in to be able to have them use favorites and have user specific features.
I just got an email that we exceeded our monthly users. That’s obviously not great.
What did I do wrong and how can I fix it?
Thank you!

You are using Private Users. The non-profit plan is essentially the Business plan. You can see the limits for the Business plan on our pricing page and also in your dashboard under usage.

Here is documentation on the difference between public and private users. Users

Hi hello in the free plan you can only have 100 registered users who have logged in, however in the starter plan you can have up to 1,000 users who have logged into your application, it is pertinent to analyze the use of updates since every time a student edits or create a row in your database it will go to an update, however you can go to prices in glide and see in detail the prices of glide (I have seen that glide helps non-profit foundations but you can contact support so that they analyze your use case)