Education/Non-profit with more than 1000 public users?

This question is specific to the Education/Non-profit plan.

From the information listed about the plan features, there will be 1000 public users per month. I am working on an app for an event that had over 4500 attendees last year and have the Glide settings so that it is public with an optional sign-in from any users. The advantage of signing in for this app is that participants will be able to pre-plan their sessions and have that information saved.

My question is about what will happen when more than 1000 public users try to sign in. With the optional sign-in setting chosen, will the sign-in button just not appear for users past the 1000th one who signs in? This would work well for our purposes and I can let everyone know that the first 1000 can save their schedules and after that, they will need to keep track of their schedule information on their own.

A second related question/concern – I also want to ensure that the app keeps functioning past the 1000 public users point. The worst thing for us would be having the app lock up when more people try to sign-in and then no one being able to access it. I also will not be able to purchase additional access.

Has anyone else experienced running into the 1000 public users limit in an education/non-profit account?

I’ve only had to purchase additional private users, not additional public users, so I can’t say if it is possible or what the rate may be to add more public users. I’d recommend replying to the Non-profit confirmation email that you received and someone from the Glide team should get back to you on this.