Issue with Table Component

Seems we have a bug with table component.
Its not showing relation lists I had it working for a while but this morning I woke up to the relaion field misisng.

I’m thinking something changed on Glide’s end not shure what.
Basic Table Component

Hi @Lighted_Candle,

Thanks for writing in. I had a similar bug-related issue. I was able to resolve it by deleting and recreating the component. A bit fiddly but it fixed the issue my end.

Hope you’re keeping well amid the current climate.
Many thanks!


Hmm, thanks @iamtomgray. I deleted and recreated but still no relation access. Just the direct row data…Thanks for responding let me know if you have any other suggestion for resolution. @david Please check this out…

Are you sure your relations are still working properly?

Yes, the inline references are working in every other place in my apps. Example when I drop them in as an “Inline component”. The issue is I can no longer add the references to the table component. That ability has somehow disappeared. Now when I go into table component wont give any refrence columns as an option to be added to the table.

See before and after pic.

Ha…didn’t even realize you could do this with tables (well…USED to be able to do this with tables :roll_eyes:).


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Same here

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Yes this was an awesome feature that greatly decreased the clutter from all the various relational references. Hopefully the put it back

Oh welll… :slightly_frowning_face:

any progress on this. I have 6 apps that use this feature … not working today (disappeared)

We’ll look at it.

Yes, this is a bug. We’ll fix it soon. Thanks for reporting!

fixed on my end - thanks

Thank God its fixed…whew. this was a hard hit. :grinning:

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