Issue with Navigation

i have the a similar navigation bar which contains pages like this
the tabs are (profile-tasks-homepage- another page-another page)

when i am in the homepage, i can navigate to categories, and from there i can navigate to each category’s details (these are not in the nav bar).
now if i switch to the tasks tab and then switched again to the homepage it directs me to the last page i was on which is (details screen inside category page). the expected behavior is to transfer me to the homepage and not any inner page.
how can i fix this, each tab in the nav bar should link to one page only no matter if i opened any inner screen inside the tab. am i missing something?

This has been debatable for a long time. Some wants to be where the users were (current behavior) since they might be very deep down in the “breadcrumbs” to have to navigate back to that spot agsin. Some expects it to be back to the top level like you. I think the ideal way is to offer devs a way to choose which behaviour to apply, but I don’t know if they’re working on something like that.

There’s no workaround, since there are no actions tied with tab clicks, as of now.


no need to tie actions to tabs, just a dropdown menu with two options, either last breadcrumb or main page. actually its very easy on the devs also