Navigation gets stuck

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing difficulties with the “navigation process” on my app.
Specifically, when I open and view a profile from one of the categories, and then click the home button, it takes me back to the ‘view members’ first page. However, if I click the same button again, it takes me back to the last viewed profile, rather than the categories page as it should.

I’m attaching a screenshot to help illustrate the problem. Has anyone encountered a similar issue or knows how to fix it? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!"

Attached files:

Can you show the action settings on the “View members” button? Thank you.

So that seems to be the problem. The “Go to Tab” action navigates you to wherever you was when you last left the “View members” tab, not to the top level of the tab. That has always been the behaviour.

I was thinking you would be better having a “show new screen” action tied to that button and build from there, but up to you to determine whether it would cost a lot of time. You can paste components over.