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Hello friends!
Supposing that I want to create a product for my Delivery and still do not have the category of it.
I log in to the application with the administrator email. (IMAGE 1)
I enter the MENU and click on “Categorias” to create it. (IMAGE 2)
After creating click on “Back” or on a “Floating Button” with action “Go back” to return to the MENU. (IMAGE 2)
It turns out that instead of returning to the MENU, it returns to TABS. Go to the HOME tab.
The logic, for me, would be like admin to do whatever was necessary and return, in this case, to the MENU and after entering “Produtos” and including it.
How can I do it?

Opening the side menu from an action is not possible, because it’s not an actual screen glide recognizes.

Alternative: Create buttons that use the navigate to tab feature

Got it. But wouldn’t it be logical to have the option to go back to where we were?

It would be very logical. But for some users going back doesn’t mean going back to the menu, it means going back to the previous screen. For example, if every time I used go back it would bring me to the side menu, that would make me a bit frustrated. So maybe this would have to be another action altogether.

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The action, which does not exist, would be “Go back to MENU” and not “Navigate to Tab” because MENU is not a Tab.

I imagine myself in the scenario of an administrator where I wanted to change / include information. In that case I would be entering and exiting the MENU. I just imagined it. Thanks for listening…

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