Tab Navigation - Tab main instead of previous Tab state?

Is there a way to make a navigation tab always return to the main page for the tab instead of whatever the previous state on that tab was for that user? It’s cool that you can navigate back to the previous state of that tab but that’s not always desired.

In my case I have a Map tab if a user clicks on a location and goes to details then navigates to another tab and wants to return to the map they must double click on the Map tab navigation item. This results in quite a number of redundant extra clicks. That’s not great UX.

Only thing I could find on this was this feature request from July 2022.

You can use the action: Navigation > Go to Tab

The navigation elements lack configurable actions. The only parameters are “title”, “slug”, and boolean “hide from nav”

This works for buttons and other components that can have configurable actions.


The navigation tab bar itself won’t allow you to do that, but if you’re navigating through an action, having two “go to tab” actions stacked on top of each other would return you to the main tab.

I like the ability to keep the previous state, but understandable that it would be better if we can customize that behaviour.