Issue with charts

I’m having issues with charts. I want to add a chart for each product. There is a sheet with data for each product, but when I select Label and Value for a specific product, it changes the data for all charts. Each chart should be independent for each product and work as in the classic version.

You’ll want to select “This Item” as the chart’s source!

I tried to selected “This Item” but doesn’t work.

If I understand you right, you’re showing an Edit screen and every change to that screen is reflected for other “items” on your list. That’s expected behaviour and I don’t think that has changed between Classic and New apps.

To solve your problem, you would have to create as many charts as you need for that screen, and use visiblity conditions to show them appropriately, since I think your data comes from another table.

The other way is to reconsidering your structure so that every time you go into a details screen, you have either a relation or a query to get only the data you need to present on a single chart component.

Thank you for the answer.

The charts have changed between Classic and New app. In Classic there is a button “Independent screen configuration per item” that screen is not reflected for other “items” on your list. That button there is not in New Glide.

I would like to create one chart for each product like the classic app. You can see in my video.

Yes that’s correct, but that’s more on the details screen setup, rather than the charts or the edit screen as I understand it.

I think you have the charts on the details screen, not the edit screen on the Classic app, is that correct?

You can see in the photo. This is photo from my classic app.

Yes, my point still stands. You were using “Independent screen configuration per item” on a details screen, and it isn’t available for the New apps anymore.

In the New apps, whether you’re putting the Chart on a details screen or an edit screen, you would still have to do something like this.

It’s so complicated that I don’t know what to do. I can’t understand why the new version isn’t simpler.
Is there a video that can help me? I saw the Visibility video from Glide Docs but i didn’t understand.