Filter data in a chart

This might seem like a newbie question so forgive me.

I’m not sure how to reduce the amount of data that gets populated to a given chart. Another way of explaining this, I have list of items. I click inside the item and want to add chart data that’s specific to that item but when add the chart component it populates all of the other items data as well. I’ve tried re-arranged the order of my data and flipping the rows to columns and vice versa but that doesn’t work. I’ll get it set like I want it, then go to the next item and try to add that items specific information but it will end up changing the previous items chart data to what I’m currently doing. Its like its all linked together.

Any help on filtering or figuring this out would be appreciated.

You need to use Screen Filtering in your Chart.
You’ll have a filter that looks like “something is Screen->something”

I dont see that as an option, how do i find that ?

Just for reference my data is formatted all on 1 sheet, i can modify this if need be. My item list is in the first column with all the corresponding data to each list item in the following columns.

It should be an option. Look for the below in the filter conditions on your chart:

CleanShot 2024-02-09 at 01.28.20@2x

Start by selecting the column you want to filter by, then select “is”, then look for the same column via “Screen->”

I think my problem is that I cant necessarily filter a column I need to figure out how to filter the rows. All the data is in a row. I need a single row (item plus its data) of information for each chart.

Can you explain more on this? What “items” are we talking about here and aren’t they using the same type of chart?

My data was initially structured In columns, with the first column being the main variable with its corresponding information in the following columns. Think in these terms. The first columns is a list of cars, the following columns are each of the cars characteristics. tires, engine size, miles per gallon etc.

Each car and its corresponding data would be on a single row if you wanted to isolate the data for that given car. Hopefully that makes better sense.

One of the problems I was also running into was not being able to change the x axis under the general tab for my chart. In order to get the chart properly ordered the way I wanted I had to flip my columns to rows and rows to columns. Before this, I just copied the necessary data I wanted loaded to the chart and created another google sheet.

There is a linkage or syncing occurring that’s being automatically applied across all my information. Need to figure out a way to keep a given item and its data in the chart to stay, and NOT change when i move on to the next time and add its data to the chart. Thers videos on dynamic filtering, relations and other things but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

This sounds ok to me.

Can you clarify on what way do you want the chart to look like?

If you mean the same chart is appearing on every details screen, then that’s the expected behaviour. That’s why I asked if you are using the same type of chart for every row. I assume it would be ok if it’s the same chart type but it references the current row’s data.

apologies for the late response, I ended up just creating the visuals in Power BI and taking a picture and uploading a picture for each item.

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