Independent Screen Configuration Option Not Coming

Hello, Gliders,

I am trying to show different charts using an inline list. For that I want the items to be unique. But when I am trying to add an Action (Show Detail Screen). Independent Screen Configuration Per Item checkbox is not coming up.

Please look into it. Or guide me if I am missing something.


That’s weird. I can see it in mine.

Please submit a ticket here.

Looks like it’s there until you select ‘This Item’. Then it goes away and there is no way to revert. I agree it’s a bug.


I’m away from my computer at the moment, but I think you can still get at it if you make it a custom action.

No, scratch that - I was wrong. The only way to get it back appears to be to delete the list component and add it again.

But agree, probably a bug.


@Jeff_Hager no it was not there before selecting also.

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Thank you all for the reply. Deleting and adding back the list component worked.
Thanks, @Darren_Murphy :smiley:

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The engineering team is working on a fix for this.

Thanks for flagging.


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