Independent screen configuration per item disappeared?

Do you guys remember that little thing which was supposed to allow us to configure different details screens in the same inline list separately?

Where is it now? I’ve lost it)

Hi @11183,

It’s still there! :

But for Pages this is not yet available still as far as I’m aware!

Thank you

I was talking about Apps. Looks like we should choose nothing in the «Data» field for this option to appear, am i right?

I just tested that and I see that after filling the Data section that option disappeared! But it seems like before filling the Data section if you ticked that option it works but the option disappeared! Maybe a design issue? :face_with_monocle:

Yes, I see this behaviour too. Checked twice. Looks like a bug honestly.

Oh, btw, is that you on the photo?) If so, glad to see you! I remember you had the “D” on the avatar)


@dilon_perera how old are you? :wink:

Yeah! Santiago ( @SantiagoPerez ) can you confirm this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep! :face_with_peeking_eye:


15 :upside_down_face:

I’m not close to a computer at the moment.

@11183 if this continue being the case for you, please submit a support ticket.

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15 years old? No way! :exploding_head:

What are you doing here almost 10 hours daily? … do you already play football, basketball, golf, volleyball, etc? :rofl:

Congrats Dilon, you have a nice and great future working in this area.

Feliz noche!


Dilon is an emerging Glide Rock Star :+1:


Helping other makers with my knowledge and learning cool things in Glide , tricks readings everyone’s posts! :wink:
Most times I’m online in night due to school but these days we have holidays because of O/L! ( 2 weeks. Next week again starting :woozy_face: means again night :new_moon: )

Played Football! ( Defender and Goalkeeper ) But now playing Rugby :rugby_football: and it’s my favourite sport! ( Position - Prop :muscle: )

Thanks Gustavo! :raised_hands:

:smiling_face: Thanks Darren!


Ok, thank you👍


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