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The issue I need help with is trying to figure out why when I use the chart component with different customers and assign a specific data source. Then when I go to another customer insert the chart component and change the data source table to the specific customer. After baking out my previous customer chart I set it with a specific table is now gone and instead, it is a direct duplicate.
It appears glide is not saving the data source tables for my charts assigned per customer instead when I change one it changes all my instances of using the chart component to the same data source table This is driving me nuts!!.

So you have a separate table for each set of Customer data?

That will not scale well. Every time you add a customer you will need to create a whole new set of screens.

The best way to address this is to combine all Customer data into a single table, and then use Row Owners to segregate the data. Then you will just need a single chart, filtered by CustomerID (in fact with Row Owners applied, you wouldn’t even need the filter).

If you want to keep what you have now, you have two choices:

  • Add a separate chart to the screen for each Customer, and then use visibility conditions to show the approriate chart based on the Screen->CustomerID :nauseated_face:
  • Use a custom action on the action that gets you to the details screen, with a separate conditional branch for each customer. Also :nauseated_face:

But honestly, the best thing to do is fix your data. In 3 or 6 months time, so you’ll be so happy that you did.


Yes, I have a separate table for each set of customer data. So using Row Owners I can combine all data on one table and then for each customer with the chart component. Then I can display the correct data per customer by using the customer ID in Row Owners?

To use CustomerID as a Row Owner, you would need to give each User their CustomerID as a Role in your User Profiles table. But yes, you can certainly do that.

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