Data sourcing from multiple tables?

I need to pull data from two different tables in order to complete my charts.

However, if I try to switch a components source to a different table, the component will disappear no matter how I arrange the content. Am I missing something?

Try removing that component and replacing it with a new one, does the issue still occur?

Why do you need to pull data from two different tables in the first place?

Some of the data I was able to pull right from the GA source table, but some of the data I needed to make averages that required a pivot table.

For example “total views” vs “average time spent on profile per user”

So ultimately what type of chart do you want to make with those pieces of data?

I’m currently just trying to re-create my analytics dashboard for each user from the old app to the new one.

This is what I doing previously:

And as you can see here, I was pulling from 2 different tables, so that’s why I was confused why I was struggling with it!

I was also able to capture a top ten list on the pivot table as well which was cool!

Can you record a video of the problem you mentioned in the original post? I can’t see why it doesn’t work, do you have any filters for the chart? Try removing any filters to see if it helps.

I figured out what the problem was.

On the button click, I had the data listed as “this item” instead of one of the tables I was using.

However, I’ve now run into other issues because the components options are definitely not the same, and are surprisingly more limiting given that I thought this was more what Glide was used for? like charts and whatnot.

I can’t re-create a ton of the charts I had before!

So the chart types are not the same? Yeah…

I don’t think Charts has had much love over the years. I usually create custom charts using code.