Why is my data source changing?

I have created a kanban board, then within each card I have added feedback input (comment) and feedback display (list) which filters by project ID, all working fine.

However when I click on an item in the feedback list, the data source all of sudden changes from my feedback table to company table. Has anyone experienced this before?

I have read through the forums and couldn’t see anything too similar. I have already checked that the action is set to ‘this item’ and I have added a couple of screenshots below.

Hopefully I’m missing something simple.


Plot twist!
Copying the exact same table from airtable into glide table, the issue disappears…

So is that an Airtable issue? Can you reproduce it now?

Issue still persists in Airtable.
I’m open to it being an Airtable issue, however, I’d like to understand why Glide look at a separate database upon the action and I have no option to change it?
I’m willing to pay for this to be solved if anyone has any capacity currently?