Details for Airtable record redirects to Gsheets table

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Describe the bug:
Glide pages: Data from airtable table is visible in “collection”, but not in details. it switches to different table source that is stored in google sheets.

Expected behavior:

  • Clicking on list row should show details of the record.

How to replicate:

  • Nothing special was done. Almost fresh app that have 2 data sources, google sheets (1st) and now connected airtable (2nd) with only one table.
  • I have created a list of airtable records
  • Wanted to edit details screen…

Link to demo recording:
I don’t see need for that.

Similar problem
Similar bug was mentioned here, but David have different table in headers selection while i have different table in the details screen.

It would help, in a lot of cases, so us fellow users can see the problem better before deciding to give you some recommendation or direct you to the support form.

I assume what you have already done is create a collection with the Airtable table and the action when you click each item is Show details screen > This item?

Exactly that, then I see data for completely different table

Airtable Table:

GSheets table:

That’s weird. Please submit a ticket here.