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Hi Glide community!
I’d really love it if any of you could help me. Basically, I’m trying to build an app that presents different companies’ statistics. Right now, i’m presenting each company’s stats using the Basic Table component. But i’m struggling on how to present the same information using the Chart component. Has anyone else struggled with this? Would appreciate any tips! Thank you so much!

Basic table only works if all the data is in a single row.

Charts only work if the data is split into separate rows.

Hi @Jeff_Hager! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I understand this to be the case. However, how can I present each company’s stats on their own page without showing the stats of the other companies’?
Here’s a photo of a sample of my Google sheet.
Screenshot 2020-11-05 at 16.50.29|335x150

And here’s a photo of what I would like it to look like for every company

Chart components can reference Relations. So if you have a relation from the company sheet to the sheet that has the data you want present in a chart, then you can point the chart to the relation and it will only show data that’s relevant to that company you are currently viewing.

I appreciate your help, @Jeff_Hager! It works well for the bar chart, but unfortunately, not for the pie nor the donut charts.
Do you know if it’s possible to make the number figures appear in the legend?

I’ll have to look and play with it when I have time. I don’t have much experience with charts.

I do know that bar charts are a little different and can display multiple columns of data, but as a group. I assume your data is still in a single row. With bar charts if you have multiple rows, then you will see groups of four bars for each row of data. You can see what I mean if you duplicate your data for one of the companies and view it in the chart. There should then be 8 total bars with maybe a small gap between each group of 4 bars. Because of the way bar charts display data like this, it probably explains why the legend doesn’t show numbers. In this situation, the legend is just an indicator of what each bar color represents.

I think it’s working properly, but to get the results you want, you really should have 4 rows of data for each company that looks something like this.

Citrix Market Depth 1
Citrix Leadership 0.8
Citrix Sustainability 0.99
Citrix Execution 1
Glide Market Depth 1
Glide Leadership 0.8
Glide Sustainability 0.99
Glide Execution 1

Oh, I see! Thank you so much, Jeff! I will try that one out! :slight_smile: wishing you a great day from Paris!

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