Trouble with Charts

Hi Guys,

I am trying to develop my first app which is a sports statistic app. I am having trouble trying to use the functionality of the charts component. Here is the challenge:

I have my spreadsheet formatted with each individual player having a row to themselves and their various stats as different columns in the row. Now, the charts component reads and showcases the data in a column while all my data is in a row. I could use another google sheet with some code to change the formatting but then I have trouble with the relation column which I need to relate the data with each player.

What could be a workaround to this?


I haven’t worked much with charts, but it’s my understanding the charts function with data on multiple rows. Bar charts are kind of an except in the sense that they work with multiple rows and multiple columns.

Your idea of a separate sheet with stats set up vertically instead of horizontally is probably your best bet. Can you describe the problem you are having with relations? I don’t know what kind of stats you are working with, but you would probably need to end up with a column for the player name, a column for the stat heading and a column for the stat value. Screenshots of your data help a lot.

Hi Jeff … Thanks for looking into my issue and offering to help … For now, I have found a way to work with the charts by referencing the rows into a vertical column. Regarding the relation column, the challenge is:

I have 20 players that I am looking to run stats for and a certain section requires multiple charts for each of them. It would be nice to add the charts for a single player and have Glide appropriately account for the chart details of all the others, like it usually does. However, with the charts I have had to take my horizontal data into vertical columns removing the ability for me to have different Players on different rows and allow Glide to run its magic.

Any ideas on how I could add the charts for the different players in an automated manner with the least amount of manual input?

So just tried to build this out and turns out that I cannot manually add different charts for the different players. Any changes I make to a particular player takes effect for all others. The only other workaround I can think of is putting in Google Charts as an image for each different player but that doesn’t work too as the charts are not satisfactorily labelled, pixelated and all in all just break the design of the app.

Any ideas?