Start with difficulty

Hello. Problems at the very start. I just want to make an app from a simple google chart. 109 rows, 109 columns, no text in intersecting cells, just a link to an image.
My goal is to have a list of 109 items of the 1st column and, when you click on one item, it should show another list of all the intersecting data for this row.
This is an unfinished example of my chart

and that’s how glide automatically converts it!
2020-02-28 10.53.18|281x500

My goal is to have the name of each column and a simple image on the right. Just this.
Can you please help?

Well, an intersecting grid chart like you have isn’t a typical layout for a database. With that said, what you are trying to do can still work, but not in the way you are expecting. You can’t create a list from a set of columns, but you can create components for each column. In your screenshot, glide automatically created a link component for each column, but you can delete all of the link components and add image components instead. Unfortunately it’s 109 components to create, so it will be time consuming. You also won’t have the column name on the left and an image on the right. It will be a column heading above each image, which will probably be larger than you would like. The size of the images would likely need to be reduced.

I assume this is a list of drugs and whether or not it can be mixed with other drugs? To properly structure this like a true database file, you would need to have your list of 109 drugs in one sheet and then another sheet that contains a column for the initial drug, a column for the drug you are comparing to, and a column for the associated image. This would result in a sheet with almost 12000 rows. I’m sure there are formulas and ways to automatically convert your existing grid into this structure, but you would far exceed the 500 row limit of the free account. With the 2 sheets structured this way, you can create a relation between the 2 sheets, so you would have your initial list of drugs, click on one of them to view it’s details, and then add an inline list using the the relation column to show associated drugs and pictures in a true list.

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Another thought would be to use emojis instead in images. It will be a much better visual in the sheet itself, don’t have to worry about image assets loading, and would provide a more compact view since the Emojis are smaller that your current images. Then glide might automatically build the components as basic text components if you create an app from scratch.