Make charts with users data from a form

Hi all!
I’m trying to show a chart in the user profile that uses different cells on a row that was inputted with a form. I know that I need a column to do the chart or at least different rows of the user, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
To illustrate I have user 1 that got the result of 10 for the profile 1, 5 for the profile 2 and 17 for the profile 3 (all calculated with the data from one row). And I would like to make a donut chart.

Thank you for your help

Within the form submission make sure theres a special value marked as user 's email address.
So with that you can always pull the data from the columns using the email.

Thanks! I did that but my problem is that the values that I need to transform in rows of a column are calculations, based in the data.

send me either a link to it or some screenshots if you dont mind.

Here is the link for the google sheets, I think is easier

I want to use the results of the columns DJ, DK, DL and DM of the profile sheet as itens of a list or a chart

Ok I understand what your trying to do. Which type of chart are you using?

The donut or the stack.

Take a quick screenshot of the settings and paste it in here. Use shift+Windows key+S

here appears just one result, not the 4 that I need

what are the filter settings, they should be set to user sign in

and u alrdy had it set to that?


can u move the chart on the google sheet to away from the cells in question. I cant see which value its giving you. And you are michelle.@…com and currently signed in as that user?

If thats the case its displaying the correct information. Aside from that data what are you wanting it to do? Are you wanting it to only fill the donut chart partiall based on another value? Are you wanting multiple values to be displayed?

yes, but I only can put one data in the chart, I want to create one like this

I see, that data is setup vertically not horizontally. Either that or its multiple users data together. To view different data from different columns you will need a different chart.

exactly, but my data is horizontal because is in an user row. I don’t know how to make a user register data in vertically

you can actually. Use the combo actions and do it outside of a form


you change the action to create new action. And in that action you can determine which row or column they enter data.