Donut chart display multiple columns, one row

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I am trying to make a donut chart that displays multiple components from one user’s single entry from a form. The purpose is for calculating someone’s average calorie consumption for a year and from what types of meals. For example, the user would fill out a form upon logging in that asks, “how many calories of alcohol do you drink per week?”, “how much meat do you eat?”, “dairy products?” etc., and they would enter calorie counts for each of those which would then populate in different columns of “alcohol,” “meat,” “dairy,” etc.

From there, I want to have a donut chart that shows each of these components and then a total calorie count. I was able to make this happen in a really convoluted way by making pivot tables in my sheet, but this takes up a ton of rows and is hard to display per user. Is there any way to make the donut chart display multiple columns like the bar charts do?

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I’m not too proficient with the charts, but I tried to see if there was a way to do what you wanted. I didn’t have any luck and I couldn’t think of a roundabout way to get the results other than what you have already tried. It seems like all charts are mostly designed to display values by row instead of by column. Obviously the bar chart has the added advantage of showing multiple column values for each row label. Wish I could help more.

If you need a total, you can always use a math column to total up the other columns.

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How did you manage the donut chart from the form data?