How to display several form entries in graph comp

Hey guys,

I want to display users´ asset allocation by the graph component. Something like this:

Our app will collect the data in ONE view, see screenshot. data is stored in user table. one column for each asset class.

How can I structure these data per row in order to enable the graph components? With relations, lookups…?

So you’re having the two pieces of data on the same row and want to use them to create a donut chart?

check this:

A good explanation about this method from @Robert_Petitto here:


@Roldy You´re the best. Thank you so much for this video! :pray:
Implementation works very well now. :+1:

One last question:
How to handle empty data columns? I mentioned that the order for the chart only works if there is a 0 value in the empty field. But how can I add this by default?

Data with empty column for ETF

Data with empty column for ETF, 0 value added manually in backend

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Use an if-then-else column:

  • If value is empty, then 0
  • Else value

And then use that if-then-else column in place of the original column.

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Happy to help you.
The method for replacing an empty field with zero is what @Darren_Murphy told you. I’m sorry I wasn’t more specific before!

Thank you guys. I´m super happy with the result.

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