Multiple column values into single column (columns become x axis)

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I’m using a form to capture diagnostic info, it’s binary so “yes” = “1”. The form will show “yes” to user and input a 1 on the sheet. There are 100 questions and 10 categories. I use a Math column to sum the categories. So I have 10 columns, one for each category, with the total score in each. This is all fine.

I want to show a chart, with the different categories on the x axis and the values being the score for each category. This would be user-specific, meaning that the signed in user would see their own results only.

Is there a way to do this? I feel like maybe a query is possible but still not deft at using it.

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Any chance you can show a screen shot of how that looks in the Data Editor?
Just having a little trouble visualising it.

Thanks for the reply Darren, happy to see you here! Few pics incoming.

Perhaps there is a totally different way to acheive this, I can’t work it out. I could have a “Yes” response give the category rather than simply “1” and then count the occasion of the category, but I still have multipe categories (therefore columns) to move into the chart format…

Have named images for reference


Rows 1-4 are before I set the “yes” form entry to “1”, these can be ignored

This worked for me

Yes, that’s what I was going to suggest. Just wanted to make sure I correctly understood how your data was laid out.

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