Bar chart with only one row


My app displays individual data to each of my customers. Each has one single row in my spreadsheet from where they extract all their personal information.
I want to show a Bar chart, however they require multiple rows and columns. I can have many columns but only one row, so how can I use this chart? Maybe with a Relation?


You can kind of do this using a bar chart. I think you will need to create a relation that links the user record back to itself so the relation only contains that user’s data. Then you can set the bar chart to use the relation column and add a quantity for each column you want to show. The only thing is that the legend doesn’t appear to show the value. Hope that helps.

Thanks, this is precisely what I am doing, the only issue as you say is that I cannot put an aligned label on each line since it is technically only one label.

It would be also great to have horizontal charts.

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