Using Quickchart for bar chart but only first row is shown

I created a bar chart using quickchart, then used a template column to add the Json Code, and created a column of type Construct URL.
in the template I did data: [#] and replaced it with the math column I wanted.
But when the chat is displayed, only one bar is shown, yet # was replaced with the appropriate value in next rows.

Can I show us what the url looks like?

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yes of course


You only have 1 data point (11), so there is only one bar to show.{
  type: 'bar',
  data: {
    labels: ['J1', 'J2', 'J3', 'J4', 'J5', 'J6', 'J7'],
    datasets: [
        data: [11],
  options: {
    legend: {
      display: false,
    scales: {
      xAxes: [{
        display: true,
      yAxes: [{
        display: true,
         ticks: {
          suggestedMin: 0,

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this is the first row, the second row contains 8 and the third 10, and so on
I trying to display each row as a bar in the same chart

You need a Joined List of all of your data points joined together as a single comma delimited text string. Then you can place that joined list into your template column.

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okay thank you very much

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