Bar charts

Two questions about Bar (charts):

  1. Is it possible to set only one specific color for all the bars? If you have all bars related to one specific variable / entity, it makes no sense to have them colored differently. Instead of a multicolor / rainbow choice it should be very useful (and correct from the mathematical point of view) to choose 1 Quantity = 1 Color. If we add another “Quantity” then Quantity #2 = Color #2, etc.
  2. I plot quantities from 0 to 100% (so the scale is 0 to 100). Why the label shows (on y axe) 0 to 102, divided randomly in 6 steps (17, 34, 51, 68, 85, 102)? Quite strange to read. Also because in some situation 102% cannot be allowed!
    Please help!! Thanks.

I think those are some limitations with the chart inside Glide. While I don’t have the exact same use case as yours, I would advise taking a look at to see if you find the correct combination there to use in a Template/Construct URL column.

+1 for

I find the Glide native charting feature extremely limited and generally don’t even bother with it - unless I need something quick and dirty. For everything else, I use quickchart.

PS. I’m not complaining. I’d much rather see the Glide team spending their time on all the other awesome new features, instead of wasting time developing chart functionality that we can already get with quickchart.

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I followed your suggestion and checked Quickchart. There is also a video from Robert Petitto. But I find difficult to insert a bar graph where data are first filtered from a long rows of data. Until you use it as a single value (as Robert shows) it’s easy. But do you have an example on how to use it for bars? For example: I have a sheet with customers data. I would like to plot from one column one customer only, filtering and showing only the last 7 days. What do you suggest? Thanks!

Not sure if this will help, but here is an example using a Stacked Bar chart…

There are also lots of other examples in that same thread.

A good way to work with quickchart is to use their sandbox to try things out. Using that, you can fiddle with various settings to get the chart to look how you need it to, and then copy the Chart URL that’s auto-generated.

Thanks for the input. I will play with it. Not still clear how to filer the required data from the table, but I will try!

An approach that I often use to filter a list is with a combination of template and multi-relation columns.
I described the approach here:

Yes, the “select all” makes everything more difficult: every day the sheet adds one row per customer, and I need to plot the last 7 days to each of them… well, I will try to digest what you explained to me.
Thanks, Darren!