Different color barchart glidepages

I want to convert this google sheet data into a colorful barchart on Glidepages. I was able to create it using quickchart.io but I want to be able to change the data directly from the app. On quick chart, I couldn’t figure out how to change data later.

I need the bars to be of the same color as I have in the google sheet cell.


Quickchart is just a url. If you change the contents of the url, then the image will change. Since you already have the base url constructed, then it’s just a matter of plugging it into a template column or a construct url column, and setting up the appropriate replacement values. Since your data is on multiple rows, then a joined list column will come into play here, and you will plug it into your template or construct url column.

With that said, wouldn’t a glide bar chart work in this case, or is it to limiting?


It is limiting me to have custom color or in fact no color in Glide pages. All bars are having same colors.

OK, so quickchart is the way to go then for the custom colors. If you want to make each bar a different color, then you can change the ‘backgroundcolor’ attribute to an array of colors instead of just a single color. Each color should be in the same order as the data in the ‘data’ attrubute’.