Relation column and chart

i have a column with a number , you see is “NUMBER” column

Is a relation column and is not possible retrive this column into a chart, how can i fix it?

Relations are links to entire rows. Not a specific column. Glide will randomly choose one column to show you that the relation found a match. If you want a specific value from that related row, then you need to use a Lookup column that refers to the relation.

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Maybe im not explained well.

When i create a chart i can’t use the relation column to show data, i sum all value based month on chart but i cant select relation column as value

So on a specific row, you want to use that relation as your source of data? What type of chart are you trying to display?

Yes i wan use those column called NUMBER as chart data, i use column chart

I guess, “Single Value” column will help here or probably a template column.

I can’t use relation column into template, and single value is not visible into chart

But do you want multiple rows’ “NUMBER” on a chart. Would you ever have multiple items to return on a relation? Can you explain more on your use case here?

Simply i want use NUMBER column value into this chart, but i cant find NUMBER column into chart VALUE to set it so i think is not possible set RELATION column as a value into the chart

What do you see when you click on the “Source” choice on the right? I assume you don’t see the relation option there?

yes correct

Nope i cant create a template with a relation and “Single Value” is not visible into chart

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Hola Matteo,

I think the source of your chart is not configured correctly. It has to point to your relation to find out the Number column.

The new setting should look like this:



unfortunately it is not the solution, I’ll explain better immediately.

The “number” column is used both to create the graph in the front end and to calculate the monthly amount to be subtracted from revenues via another LOOKUP column

The Relation column does not allow me to recall the data even to make this last calculation so today I manually copy the data from the NUMBER column into a column with numeric format

I use the Relation column because the data is entered by the store manager.

Each number is equivalent to a name but the employee enters only the name so through the relation column I can get the correct number based on the name entered by the employee

basically i need to transform the data in the NUMBER column which is a relation into a normal numeric data

Ok, let me rethink and reread your previous statements. Is your NUMBER column highlighted bellow, right?


If so, it’s just a relation column and can’t be used to read/show data into chart directly. You need to do:

  1. Set your NUMBER column (relation) as chart’s data Source
  2. In Value parameter (chart) select the desired column found by NUMBER relation previously

This should be enough to see data on chart.

Is not possible to create a column that take the “NUMBER” column value and transform into simple number?

yes, of course (it’s your plan B)!

Create a new Lookup column using your relation and choose the column where the your numbers are.


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Basically it’s what Jeff said here, right?


i think it will won’t work, cause i cant use it for margin calculation, i mean into math column