Importing data from GoogleSheets into Glide Tables to create a chart

Is it possible to import live data from GoogleSheets into Glide Tables to use in a chart? I have tried using “Relation” and “Lookup” columns to extract data from GoogleSheets and use in Glide Charts but it does not work. Glide only gives me the option to use “Text” columns in Glide Charts. Is this normal? Thanks.

If you can see the data in the Glide Data Editor, then it can be used in a chart.

You wouldn’t be able to use a relation column directly in a chart, because a relation column doesn’t contain any actual data - it’s just a link from one row to one or many other rows. You might be able to use a lookup column, depending on how it was created and (most importantly) whether it is returning a single value or an array.

If you can show a couple of screen shots of your data, and explain what your desired end result is, we can probably guide you in the right direction.