Is there a way for the image to not show up blank on first load?

Whenever a user opens a page with an image for the first time, it displays a blank grey image with a larger size at first. Is there any way to avoid this?


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Where is your image stored? I believe there will always be some loading time for things like images until they’re cached, but I think the loading time is lowest when the image is uploaded directly to Glide (as opposed to be accessed through a Google Drive shared link, for example).


It’s stored in Google Drive. I have someone managing the content just from a spreadsheet and they don’t have access to the Glide editor, so it’s the easiest way for them to be able to make changes to the images if needed.

I noticed it reloads fairly often. Do you know how long images stay cached?

Ya…there’s no great workaround to this. Takes even longer when the image is being crafted from column values (for example, when using Cloudinary or quickchart).


Some tips:

Shrink down the image size so it has a chance of loading faster

Ok, that’s basically it.

I use images that are stored in cloudinary for my app. Over time I’ve been using fewer image template columns, often to get rid of the non-necessary things to make the app faster in general.

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How about add an image picker to the app in a protected area and have them upload the image that way?

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The app is public, so I don’t think there’s a way to do that without letting anyone change it, correct?

You can add a sign-in button to a public app and then show an image picker to that specific signed-in user only.

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