Is there a limit of rows in free version

when adding tabs i get cut off at 20 rows, is that normal for the free version, would i be able to use 40+ with a paid version?

There is a 500 row limit for the entire app. Excel and Airtable have different restrictions of 10 rows for free apps. What kind of tables are you using (glide, google, excel, airtable)?

Or are you talking about inline lists? Do you have a limit set on the inline list itself?

i am using google sheets and have a list of 40 players for a golf app … it cuts off at 20 players

Are you using Glide Apps or Glide Pages?

Do you have any filters set on your list?

How many rows does it say you are using?

Do you have any of these settings set on your list?

Can you show what the data looks like in the data editor?
Do you have any Row Owners set on the table?

These screenshots are not answering all of my questions. I can’t tell if there are only 20 rows in the table, or if there are more when you scroll down.

Is this a problem with data not coming into glide from your sheet, or is it a problem of data not showing in your inline list?

Have you pressed the reload button to resync the data in your sheet and in glide?

i reset the app and my google sheet and now it’s showing the rest of the rows … not sure what happened but it’s fixed thank you