Is lookup considered an update?

if I setup a relation and use a lookup to pull in the value from another table, does this count as an update every time a person starts the app?


No. Relations and Lookups are computed on the client’s device. They don’t change any data, so it’s not an update.



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In terms of app speed, which is better … relation/lookup, or copy the value over to the table that needs the data?

Theoretically…copy the value the table, but the difference would probably be negligible in most cases. Relations/Lookups are pretty efficient. Plus it might be bad practice to copy the value over, especially if the source value can change in the future and becomes misaligned with the value you copied.

There are way too many variables to decide what is, or is not, a good practice. It’s next to impossible to advise what you should or shouldn’t do because it can be different depending on the situation.

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