Is it possible to deploy a file to a specified subdirectory?


As I understand Glide does the webhosting for my app. Can I deploy a file to a specified subdirectory on the server so that is accessible via a web browser at a specified link? Maybe Helpdesk can assist with this?

Thanks for any advice.

You can upload files and images through the app using an image picker or a file picker. You can do it through the data editor as well. Files that are uploaded are given a url which is stored in the table. As long as that url remains in one of the tables that’s used by the app, then glide won’t delete it.

Hi Jeff,
If I upload a file via file picker, I cannot choose the url as far as I know. I want to specify a given url for the file that I uploaded. Is that possible?

Well no. The url gets assigned when it’s uploaded into glide’s cloud storage. You can see and access that URL after it’s uploaded. All files are stored in glide’s storage pool on google servers. I believe you can control if a random file name is used, or the original file name is retained, but that’s about it. You can choose where on that server it is stored, however, you could host a file yourself on a third party server and include that link in your app.

I guess I’m trying to understand your end goal here. Why does the file need to be in a specific subdirectory? Would that be a specific location under your glide subdomain, or under a custom domain?

I have doubts that glide would alter or create a directory structure to accommodate a file for one user.


hi Jeff,

I want to upload a json file to the server, which can be accessed on a specified link url see below: https://<myglideapp_URL>/<custom_subdomain>/<uploaded_file>

It is a requirement, ‘Chrome on Android will look at this URL for the asset links file, and will show the browser address-bar if it’s not found.’
I am experimenting with mobile app conversion and trying to follow some instructions. Apart from this step, the rest seems doable.
It would be nice to get around this issue, because it is not a complicated one.

I think you might struggle with this. Glide neither encourage or support PWA to Native App conversion.

If you want to reach out to Glide Support about it, you can find them here.

Although I’d be very surprised if you get a positive response.


Thanks Darren,

I will take my chances. It’s a pity that it is not supported. Do you know why? I have read in the Community forum, native app conversion support is not a priority. I do not understand the technical requirements, but would it be a big development effort/resource intensive to support asset file upload?

I have tried the conversion with, but sofar it feels like the process is out of my hands. The communication is not really fluent on their side (no response to tickets, app is not published), long delays, lots of uncertainty, just a generic message on their website about on-going system update. Therefore I have decided to search for other options where I have more control over the process without coding. I have wanted to explore this path, because it seems convenient, not sure about end-result though. It would be really cool to be able to convert Glide PWA to a native app, I am sure many people are interested about it.

It doesn’t fit with Glides business model. Glide is very much about “Apps for Business” rather than “Apps for the masses”. Business Apps are generally private Apps and distribution via App Stores isn’t usually required.

If you’re looking to build the next Tiktok/Instagram/etc, then Glide almost certainly isn’t the correct platform.


Okay, I did not know that. Still I feel that it can be a complementary business model, e.g for small businesses who want to test their business ideas on the market on potential customers. I hope Glide considers this path as well, it is a way to grow subscribers and get ahead of the competition.