Creating custom URL path with Glide

I would like to add a custom json file on my web app for verification purposes



Anyone who has done this before or know how it’s done please share more information

Thank you.

Can you clarify more about “verification purposes”? Is a party requiring that so your Glide app can be “verified”?

search engine verification, and google asset link app linker etc ask you to add a custom code file on the server to prove ownership of the website/app.

For eg. when i load this link it should show me the custom code for assetlinks.json


I doubt that is possible.

at the very least, can i create a custom path with glide? maybe the file is not required

Did you say something?

Sorry! Inattentively read the question. I don’t have any good ideas.

What do you mean by “custom path with Glide”?


Subfolder of a website of a file/page.

No, that’s not possible. Unless you use a third party URL shortener. Even in that case, I don’t believe you can add meaningful params to your shortened URL.

Okay. Thank you. does glide allow to add custom code?

If you mean injecting code into the body of the DOM then I doubt it would work.

You can only use HTML/Markdown in Pages, and all that plus CSS in Apps, but only for the rich text component.

JavaScript is available as well, as a calculated column.

Thank you so much. I will try these and see if i can do something about it