How and where to add custom code?

Hi, I need to add custom code to allow my glide app convertated into a web app to allow deeplinks

Here is the code,

“relation”: [“delegate_permission/common.handle_all_urls”],
“target”: {
“namespace”: “android_app”,
“package_name”: “”,

And also the codes written here Push Notification - WebToNative

Where should I add this ?

This is not a code… this is a JSON file… you need a handler code for it… and the link you have… will not do it… also Glide App is already a Web App… so what are you trying to do?

A Glide App IS a Web App. Do you mean converted to a native App?

There is no way to inject code into a Glide App, other than via the JavaScript column or an external code column. And I doubt that either of those will help in this case.

You might struggle to find support for that here. It’s not something that is encouraged or supported by Glide, and if you choose to do it you’re generally on your own.

We have converted our Glide app into a native webview app for android

We converted our glide app into a native Android web view app so there we are trying to set up one signal push notification

Is there a reason you don’t use Glide’s notifications integration?

Because they cant be triggered when a row is updated or added or using a webhook. Our sheets are updated using a different app. It wont trigger

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Gotcha. Fair use case.

Yeah, Can you help with the above query?

I don’t have anything to add, my thoughts are the same as Darren.