Access to the source code?

Hi, I want to add some functionality to my app by writing some code, is that possible? Can I have access to the source code of my glid app?

What functionality would you like to add?

Your app does not have specific source code per se in Glide.

Thanks for the quick response. I want to do some NPL on the input and provide different responses to the user.
Can I do that with glide? Alternatively, can I connect my glide app with a backend api?

Yes you can, with some limits. Check out:


Do you mean Natural Language Processing? If you know JavaScript you can try doing that with the Experimental Column I guess.

Regarding the other question, at the moment Glide offers connecting to Google Sheets or Glide Tables. What type of backend API do you want to use?

Thanks, so how will this code embeded to my app?

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Thanks, I understand that I can run my own code inside an experamental column, is there another way to run custom code inside glide app?

There is no other way.