Running Python code in Glide?

Hello all! I’m trying to run my own Python code in Glide, and capture the results, similar to the Javascript capability that already exists.

I found these threads:

The first thread seems promising, but I don’t know how to get there from reading this thread. Has anyone tried this? I’m on the Maker plan if that makes a difference. Thanks!

As David mentioned in the first linked post, it should work but will take a bit of setting up.

My comments in the second post were just warning about security. Even when you host code on somewhere like Replit or GitHub and use it in the Experimental Code column in Glide, the code is loaded onto each users device and executed locally. This means that any hard-coded secrets, etc. are potentially exposed.

Below is a link to the docs for the Experimental Code column. That might help get you started.

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Thank you. Let me do some homework on my end and see how far I get. I love that the focus of Glide is no-code but there’s depth to allow this kind of thing. I’ve built so many very impactful apps with Glide and have grown comfortable with it. But one of my fears has been that I’ll outgrow it. This helps allay that fear and keeps me on the platform as I hit that ceiling with Glide proper.

Thank you!