Is it possible to allow users to negate a Form submission based on information that is available only AFTER the form has been submitted?

I have a billing App in which Users are enabled to enter a particular customer’s information into a Form and, once entered, to Review and confirm their submission. The Form is launched from a parent sheet.

Unfortunately, once the Form is launched, there is some information that I cannot show Users within the Form (information ‘X’) as it is dependent on some Choices that the User makes within the Form. As such I have given Users a chance to review the information submitted (call this Form 1 Entry) via a ‘Review & Confirm’ page that appears right after the form is submitted. This information includes the now available ‘X’. I would like the user to have the option of De-Activate the Form 1 entry (ideally in the form of a switch) based on their review of the information (including ‘X’). And I would like to record this in the Form sheet.

Where I am having trouble is in making it easy for the User to Deactivate the Form submission and to record this information in the Form sheet. The problem is that if I include an Activate/DeActivate switch in the Review page (post Form submission) that result is recorded in the parent sheet and not in the sheets/row where the Form has been submitted.

I would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who might have some ideas on how to address this.

Your review process could be to provide a delete button to admins. This would remove the row from the sheet if something wasn’t done correctly.

Thanks, @shchc. By ‘delete button’ do you mean directing the Users to use the Edit function first and then clicking on the “Delete” option (which I will likely have to make the only available option within editing)?

Yes, exactly. You can even give users access to edit their submissions, but only give admins access to delete. Or just give admins access to both and prevent any changes or deletes by non-admins.

I would probably use user-specific columns outside of a form, do the “negate” logic right on that screen before showing the form button. In the form, just show all the info that have been added in the previous screen in a table component and ask users to review, then press submit button.

Hi @shchc. Would any delete/edits made by the Admin only affect the specific row relevant to the Form that was submitted? I am noticing that the changes made using Edit only affect the Parent Sheet and not the Sheet that contains the Form submissions.


You must point the data to the sheet where you store the submission.

As @ThinhDinh said, make sure your views are looking at the right sheet with the submissions on it. Then edit those items and any Edit/Delete will only impact the specific items.

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@ThinhDinh, @shchc, Thanks.

But during Edit, it does not give me the option to switch sheets. It only points to the default “parent” sheet. How do I switch to point to the right sheet?

What are you trying to edit? The form screen or the submissions? How are you displaying the submissions? Some screenshots may help.

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Here are some screenshots.

You’re pointing the edit button to the original sheet.

You can go to the tab where you display the assignments, then allow edit on each item of that, if that’s what you want.

“You can go to the tab where you display the assignments, then allow edit on each item of that, if that’s what you want.”
How exactly do I do this? Where? I did not know you can point the Edit function to whatever sheet you wanted. Any references/examples would be appreciated.

How are you displaying the “assignments” to the people who have submitted them?

On the page that appears after a Form is submitted (I call this the “parent” sheet) I add components that display the information that was submitted in the form. I get most of the components via a Lookup from the “assignments” sheet.

Can you show me some screenshots? I think you can enable the edit function there instead of in this sheet. And the edit function should be in the details view of each “assignment” the user has submitted.

I included screenshots in Post #11 above - including where I see the Edit function. Let me know if you are asking for some other specific ones.

You’re only showing the sheet where you allow the users to assign a new payment. Do you have a tab where you actually show the “Assignments” that have been submitted?

I have not created one yet.

You must create one to be able to edit each item individually.