Is Glide having a Hissy Fit with Images Please

Hi All,
I’m able to upload the images to the Data sheet, however the images uploaded are not showing on the mobile or web view.

Is Glide having a hissy fit with the images not showing on the front end please?

PS: I have logged out of the account and signed back in - no go. I also went out of the account (without actually logging out) and then opened up a totally different account - no go.

It appears there is some major time delay re the uploaded images showing. Started with the Choice images last night (Aussie time) and now to the main images on the home page of the app this evening.

Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have any filters on the tab level of your Home page?

Can you click the Data button on the bottom left of your editor environment when you view the Home tab and let us know what you see there?

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Hi ThinhDinh,
Many thanks for your response. I’ve now resolved this issue. Somehow in the layout view, the image was desselcted. Once I selected image again, the images now appear.

Many thanks,
Talk to you soon,

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