iOS - Safari shows offline, Firefox works

I have an app that 60 people are using with Safari on iOS, one individual can not use it on Safari because it shows offline mode. Firefox works on the same phone. Anyone got an idea what Safari has that can cause this issue (settings), or anything else that might cause this?

I used to have this problem with MacOS as well, but the team seems to have fixed it. Not sure what can cause it to be different between browsers.


Try restarting your pc.

Thank you. The issue is on an iPhone. We have tried restarting. I think we have tried deleting website data but I will retry that.

It is like the particular user got a legitimate Offline but now is stuck in that mode.

Could you share the app link?

Has that user cleared the cache?

After spending a couple of hours with the user, we decided to just use the work around of using Firefox. Today the user emailed me that the issue was caused by a content blocker they had installed (Firefox Focus) on their iPhone. They removed the content blocker and the Glide app started working. Reinstalled the the content blocker and then using some settings they were able to whitelist my app’s address and now the app works.

The content blocker had to have the option Content turned on to cause the app to go offline. The content blocker somehow integrates with Safari.

Not sure why content blocking causes this but at least there is a work around.


Sorry I did not respond sooner, I did not know you had questioned me. I could share the link but not publicly. and yes the cache was cleared. We now know the cause though.

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